Everyone has a story.  Within each story are many peaks and valleys.  Sometimes parts of the story are very simple while other times very complex. We all have our life mapped out in our minds, but life has a way of kicking you in the gut, taking you for a roller coaster ride, testing your inner resolve, strength, capacity to love, capacity to hate, and challenging your beliefs in what is right or wrong.  But within each story, there are many characters, who are affected by every decision you make and action you take.  I will tell my story for I believe it will touch something inside of you, whether it be disdain or admiration.  Some of you will hate me.  Some of you will root for me.  But in the end, it is my life and the life I choose to share with the man I love.  You will also hear his point of view.  No story is one-sided.  Every story has many layers. If anything, enjoy the ride. ~ Anna ~

Life…..What a concept. We are trained from birth what is socially acceptable and the difference from right and wrong. Have you ever challenged those teachings?  I have recently been placed in a position that has torn at the moral fabric of which I have been taught since birth.
I have lived my life to please others for 44 years – make my parents proud, be the athlete my coaches wanted me to be, the leader everyone expected, the perfect husband and father. All the while, forsaking what was most important, my happiness.
 That all changed when I met her. This account may ruffle feathers. It may result in high fives and fist pumps. Regardless of the end result, I found her. She is my one and only. I will not fail her or us. I will never let her go.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Oh yeah, here’s your first high five.!! I don’t really give two fks about what you do with your life. I have my own problems lol..no but really! Why should I worry what you do or how you choose to live your life?? I’m just sooo glad I our paths crossed cos now I can share your antics with my babes heeeheee. We read one of your stories together and my fk, were we turned on ready for round four!!! So you know what, don’t ever stop writing please! It’s absolutely beautiful, I.love sex, he loves sex and we living our fantasies out with one another..how else right, how else than to live it out with the man of your dreams and that wants everything you want. Oh my god, it’s good to live! He told me this afternoon ” I read their blog, and I’m fascinated” hmmm that’s more like a promise wink wink 🙂 🙂


    • Agreed! I used to be concerned with what others thought of me but now I’ve learned not to give a f*ck! Being with JJ has really helped me with that. I love hearing about other people living their fantasies too and thru us even! Amazing! JJ is not just my fantasy, he is beyond anything I could even dream up. He has shown me that things are possible even beyond my dreams. You sound like you have found someone that gets you and I know that’s the best feeling in the world!! I look forward to hearing all about it! Much love. ~Anna~

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  2. Holy Shit Balls, I Love your blog!!! Yes some people will hate and others will love, like i do…its your life to live it like you please…go forth my little ranger…check out my blog…

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    • Thanks! Strangely enough, we have had very few haters. Mostly just folks questioning our tactics. We expected a lot more bashers. In reality, this affair is very hard on both of us. This blog is a means of therapy. But, it turned out hot as fuck. Writing about our real life escapades rival all the fantasy blogs out there we have read. (At least in our opinion!). We are glad you like it.

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